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India:More Educated ,Less Rights Execution

It's not even one year for me in Bangalore and I have seen increment in the Public Transport Fares(buses) three times. Even the Auto Fares was raised without any reason. Whoa!!! And this time there was not even hike in fuel prices. And to my horror no one argued about it. They continued to give whatever was asked of them inspite of asking the reason for this increase in fare.Not a single person complained about it. All people do is blab out amongst them as if this would help them in questioning their rights. Bangalore, the city with highest number of IT professionals, has people who don't know how to execute their rights. I was amazed to see this.The number of people standing in a bus is more than people sitting in it. So this means these Illiterate alias Educated people pay more just to stand in the bus for the whole of their journey. And since Bangalore Infrastructure is very poor so it nearly takes 1 hour to 2 hour even for a small distance. Besides this, the buses are hardly available after evening in case there is any emergency (this has happened with me) and moreover the frequency of these buses starts decreasing even if our office gets over late. So in the end you are left to travel standing with whatever the bus comes. Even if there is no space in the bus one has to cope up with it since frequency of the buses is very limited. But you will find no one complaining since these people are too damn busy that they feel it’s okay to pay and consider that raising their voice is a waste of their time. This will never make our nation a better place to live in. I heard somewhere that Developed Country is the one where people prefer to travel by Public Transport. But I don't think it would ever be possible if this continues to happen here. Jaago Bangalore Jaago!!!!
  • Soumya Goyal
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